Local Production

Couture Accessories by RITA IN PALMA are produced locally in Germany in cooperation with von Meisterhand – Verein für Integration, Bildung und Kunsthandwerk e. V., a charitable society helping Turkish women from Berlin to find a way out of unemployment and into self-confidence.

At von Meisterhand e.V. the women find a save place to meet, talk, crochet and learn. Here they get to know German, Turkish and Kurdish women (some for the first time) and learn about their lives. The voluntary workers teach them everything they need to know about the German working system and the market, the women learn German in a weekly course and they have the ability to talk about their many problems not only to social workers but also to well-known politicians.

While being at von Meisterhand e.V. the women crochet in their traditional techniques and learn how they can use this talents for gaining money. They offer their craftsmanship to fashion labels, like RITA IN PALMA. Together, the women and the brand are producing fine accessories, which are sold at premium prices to cover the labour and material cost.

Unfortunately, we cannot earn enough money and are in need of external help and supporters – this means: we need you to support us and our caring work with Turkish women from Berlin!

In short, von Meisterhand e.V. provides:
– German lessons
– social activities
– sports, which respects the women’s cultural background
– a space to feel appreciated and
– a workplace where their skills are cherished and self-confidence increases
– a learning environment that enables future (self-)employment

Please donate here or email us at info@ritas-haekelclub.de if you have further questions about our project!

We are thankful for your support to keep our society running,

The crochet-queens and Ann-Kathrin Carstensen

Bunte Kopftücher